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Daniel Ángel Romero Senior editor

Chaoscope is a 3D strange attractors rendering software.

Attractors are parts of the phase space of the dynamical system. An attractor is informally described as strange if it has non-integer dimension or if the dynamics on it are chaotic.

Chaoscope can be installed and run in English or French.

Chaoscope is a free program, still under development, that runs on the Windows platform.

You can choose the strange attractor you want to render (Chaotic Flow, Icon, IFS, Julia, Lorenz, Lorenz-84, Pickover, Polynomial A, B and C, Polynomial Sprott, Function, Unravel), the desired Width and Height and the material you want to use (Gas, Liquid, Solid, Plasma or Light).

You can also define the number of iterations, randomness, set the value of the points (via slide controls), the scale, zoom, gamma, opacity, roughness, background, ambient, diffuse, secondary color or specular image.

You can set the program to batch process rendering projects and save the resulting images.


  • It´s an interesting program to obtain rendered images. It´s free.


  • None.
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